Upcycled furniture ideas

Upcycling Old Furniture Ideas

When it comes to interior designing, a lot of waste can be created – either because of leftover materials or because a certain piece of furniture has become too old. However, instead of simply throwing them away, where they will waste away in landfills, why not upcycle these furniture pieces instead? The main idea of upcycling is to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future. Whether you call it repurposing, reclaiming, salvaging, or revamping – it’s all the same thing! All in all, it is a way to give old and used furniture a new lease on life.

If you are new to this concept but want to try it, you have come to the right place! Here, we have listed a few simple ideas on how to upcycle old furniture pieces. So, be sure to read below for more info!

Surprise it with colour

One popular tip is to paint a piece of furniture neutral on the outside, and then add a splash of vibrant colours on the inside as a surprise. For instance, you could paint a drawer beige on the outside, and inside yellow or red. This will likely make you smile whenever you open the drawer, brightening your day. This idea should come in handy if you need to invigorate an old pine chest of drawers or any old piece of furniture that needs a little splash of colour.

Transform the dining table

Another thing you may want to do is upcycle the dining table to make an impact on anyone who visits your place. According to most experts, dining tables are traditionally rather formal pieces of furniture, with many straight lines and flat surfaces. However, in order to spice things up, you could paint the legs of the table a different colour to the top, especially if you are thinking about replacing an old and worn-out dining table. You may even choose to leave the top unpainted, while at the same time hiding any scuff marks and signs of wear and tear with a new pop of colour that draws the eyes of anyone coming in.

Use stencils

Of course, it is important to remember that any sizable piece of furniture is never cheap to buy or replace, so whenever possible, you should strive to recycle rather than replace it. For example, if you have an old sideboard or chest drawer that is still perfectly functional but just a little bit old, then consider giving it a makeover. This is where your creativity can fly! If you are nervous about using paint to freehand any designs, then consider using a stencil instead. This way, you can leave clean and tasteful designs even if you may not be the best artist out there.

Be playful with patterns

While stencils may be the first step, if you are feeling even more adventurous, you may consider creating a patterned finish. Creating patterns helps to tap into your inner child and creativity, as it encourages more playfulness in something mundane. These patterns can range from abstract patterns to overlapping folk designs, to even freehand patterns if you are confident. Or you could also include some symbols you feel extremely connected to that may artistically fit the furniture piece.

Paint and wall-mount wooden boxes

If you have a lot of packaging crates, then you should probably consider upcycling them instead of just simply throwing them away after you are done with them! In fact, they can be a great way to increase the storage capacity in your home. For instance, you could give them a new coat of paint and then wall-mount them! This way, you can now use these crates to curate a thoughtful wall display, or if you are a book lover, use them as a small bookshelf! Of course, just be sure that you are securing them safely – you don’t want to overload them if the wall fixings aren’t strong enough to take all that weight. Nothing is more awkward than having a wooden box falling on your visitor’s head!

Craft side tables using crates

If you have too many crates at home, what can you do with them? Here’s an idea – how about stacking these wooden crates to create an alternative side table? The unique thing about them is their open-element design. This makes the crates ideal for storing everything you need that you may have previously stowed under the bed instead. This can include books, towels, sleep apparatus, or accessories like candles, scenes, plants, and perfumes, to name a few. While the natural element of the wooden crates are already stylish – if you are going for the ‘rugged’ look – you can polish and sand them down, or even give them a fresh coat of paint to suit the colour scheme of your room.  

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