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There’s no doubt that sustainability is all the rage now. With consumers and companies becoming ever more aware of how our spending habits can globally impact the environment, the trend of turning to more eco-friendly brands is not stopping anytime soon. We should avert to sustainable shopping in order to protect our environment.

The beauty industry has played a huge part in contributing to plastic pollution in the past. However, a growing number of brands are making an effort to change the way they package and manufacture products. This is all to ensure they can be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We’ve listed a few of these brands that are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. It seems like you can get the best of both worlds after all – something environmentally conscious yet luxurious as well!

Susanne Kaufmann – A Big Leap Towards a Sustainable Industry

Launched in 2003, Susanne Kaufmann is based in the Austrian Alpine region of Bregenzerwald. Most of its product’s ingredients are cultivated from this region. Their products tend to focus on skincare, to bring comfort and a little spa day to your own home. The brand makes sure to use only natural ingredients to create a truly effective skincare product for all skin types. Some of the ingredients include Alpine Rose – to protect the skin from environmental stress and promote vitality. Jojoba oil – to quicken cell regeneration and improve skin elasticity. Apple – to gently remove dead skin cells, Kiwi Fruit – which is rich in vitamins C and E, and more.

The brand’s production process is designed to be powered ecologically, such as through solar power. Moreover, their signature glass bottles are made from recyclable glass. The brand has replaced much of its plastic components with post-consumer material (PCR). New refills, for example, are made of 75% recycled plastics and can be 100% recyclable. In fact, the company was also recognized by the lifestyle magazine ELLE, winning the ELLE Green Star Awards 2021. Therefore, Susanne Kaufmann is definitely on the list when it comes to sustainability.

Elpis Green

Another sustainable brand that plays an active role in protecting the environment – Elpis Green. Based in Hong Kong as well as delivering to Taiwan and Macao. Elpis Green takes its role as a Green Lifestyle and Beauty Retailer very seriously. The brand also is an official distributor of award-winning beauty and lifestyle companies such as ALKMIE and MOKANN. Elpis Green’s mission is to fight for long-term environmental sustainability. Therefore, customers do not need to worry whether products will damage the ecosystem, or if they include toxic chemicals. All of Elpis Green’s packaging is recyclable or made of recycled material.

Their products are natural and organic, as well as 100% cruelty-free. You won’t be finding anything here that harms the environment! Customers can rest knowing that they won’t be contributing to any extra pollution when using these products. These goods can either be shipped or picked up at the store within 24 hours.

Uni: Their Sustainable Approach

A newcomer on the scene, this up-and-coming brand calls itself the world’s first closed-loop body care system. It offers shampoo and body wash made from upcycled materials. They are then packaged in recycled aluminum bottles that can function as dispensers. The aluminum bottles are also designed to be reused, meaning less waste if you need to refill them. As such, despite being quite new to the market, Uni is proud that it is carbon neutral from the start. Uni’s main selling point is its unique refill system, which functions as a closed-loop program. Empty bottles can send back the bottles which will be then refilled and shipped back out. Less waste, yet still so efficient.

Common Heir

Founded by Angela Ubias and Cary Lin in 2020, Common Heir not only has gorgeous, plastic-free packaging. They are also readily biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Not only that, their focus is on maintaining high-performance skincare. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice being either eco-conscious or having a luxurious beauty treatment. Talk about being sustainable. All their products are clinically tested to give the best results. None of them are tested on animals, which is great for all you animal lovers out there!

It’s Benefits

Aside from looking forward to using their products every day, of course, Common Heir also gives back to the community. Namely through being partners of 1% for the Planet as well as the Ocean Blue Project. Anytime a customer signs up, they donate $1. This is the equivalent of removing a pound of microplastics from the ocean. They further donate 1% of annual sales to carbon Neutral Shipping and Ocean Blue Project as well. Talk about making a difference! The more we avert to sustainable products, the more brands will join the trend. Therefore, it is important to collectively take on this new path.

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