Skincare hacks for glowing skin

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No matter the season, glowing skin is always a boon. This is because glowing skin can make you appear more radiant, youthful, and overall healthier. While some people believe that glowing skin can only occur due to blessed genetics, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, what you do in your daily life will also affect how your skin looks.

In this article, we have broken down a few things that you could try in order to gain that natural glowing skin. While there is technically no one-size-fits-all solution, some of these tips are pretty universal enough that you may see improvements if you choose to use them. So, keep on reading down below!

Massage your face

You can kill two birds with one stone by using a facial massage. This not only helps to relax your facial muscles, jaw, temples and neck, but it has a lot of other benefits too. In fact, facial massages can brighten the skin as you work. The reason is that the movement increases microcirculation, which delivers blood, oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the skin, while at the same time taking away lymph build-up (otherwise known as puffiness) and toxins. Massages also help to break up muscle tension, as well as build up volume and tone. It’s also a great thing to do if you are someone who easily gets stressed.

Make sure your face is damp when applying skincare

If you are looking to make the most out of your skincare product, one simple hack to ensure that they penetrate deep into the skin is to apply them to damp skin. This means your skin is not dripping wet but gently patted post-cleanse. The theory behind this is if your skin is damp, it’s more topically hydrated and permeable, meaning that products can be absorbed more easily. In fact, anything that is a humectant such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine has to work less hard to attract moisture because it is already in your skin. Furthermore, anyone who has a skin condition such as dermatitis or eczema should make this a habit before applying their skincare products.

Wash your face after a workout

While it is healthy for you to work out often, if you are simply waiting to get home to wash your face, you are actually doing things wrong! This is because letting sweat stick onto your skin is likely to clog up pores and make you break out. Instead, you should wash your face right after your workout. Fortunately, there are plenty of portable face cleansers available on the market. Make sure to get one that is made with natural coconut oil in order to help you to dissolve away any impurities and gunk on your face. This way, you not only can get rid of excess oil, but you can also walk away from the gym with a shine-free skin!  

Exfoliate your face

If you are looking to get smooth, glowing skin, you need to get rid of all the dead skin that is sitting on your skin’s surface. The reasoning behind this is that dead skin can cause your skin to look older, dull, and dry, in addition to leading to break outs as a result of clogged pores. By removing all your dead skin, you can allow the oils that your skin naturally produces to make their way to the surface without it being blocked. Exfoliating can also help to lessen the look of any acne scars and uneven skin tones.

Wash pillowcase

If your skin is not working out for you and you can’t seem to figure out why then the answer may just lie in your pillowcase. In fact, acne can often be exacerbated by sleeping on less than fresh bedding. Inflammatory ski conditions can also be aggravated by the detergent you use to wash the bedding. So, some dermatologists recommend you use a silk pillowcase as they tend to be breathable and feel cool and soft on the skin. You should also opt for a non-bio detergent – so something gentle and fragrance-free – when you wash your pillowcases. Of course, make sure to wash them at least once a week in order to get rid of any bacteria or dust mites that may be making their home on your pillow.

Stay hydrated

The most important thing about achieving glowing skin is starting from within. As such, you need to drink plenty of water, in addition to eating healthy fruits and vegetables that are also high in water. Make sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can dry out the skin. Of course, while using the right products is also important in maintaining proper skin hydration, internal hydration is generally seen as the key to achieving a beautiful, healthy and glowing look.

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