Interior design trends in 2023

Interior desighn idea

There’s no doubt that interior designs come in all shapes and sizes, depending on one’s taste. This means that elements such as textures, materials, and colours can all be changed. This is because the combination of different elements can help generate different moods, which can affect people living in the environment. Most interior moods nowadays focus on giving people a spa-like sense of serenity, or a boost of joy through its fun and decorative décor.

According to interior designer Tara Bernerd, she believes that 2023 is now seeing a general move towards sophistication. That being said, people are taking a more relaxed approach to sophistication than ever before. “While that feeling of luxury remains very important, don’t we now all want something that feels approachable too?… This totally reflects what’s happening generally, as people are finding they can be just as smart without a tie, and women have largely swapped their heels for trainers,” she states.

Here, we have listed and explained below a few interior design trends in 2023 that people should recognise. For those who are interested in this topic, feel free to keep on browsing below.

Cylindrical Chandeliers

Everyone needs lighting in their homes, whether it be for working, resting, cooking, or just plain spicing up the environment. That being said, the kinds of lighting people pick can be incredibly varied. Right now, the latest lighting form generally takes inspiration from large and oblong shapes. These shapes can help to cast a most targeted and tantalising glow. But why this shape exactly, and why now of all times? Most likely, it is because cylindrical and oblong shapes tend to give a more playful vibe, while also remaining polished and finessed at the same time. No doubt that these chandeliers make a striking statement when their curvaceous silhouette.

Another property of cylindrical chandeliers is that they funnel light, meaning they can create an ideal glow which seems more flattering and warm inside. This gives the effect of making a place cosy and sociable. So, while lighting trends nowadays generally imply that the era of big light is gone, if you need a big central light in any room, then it is highly suggested you get a tubularly shaped one.

Decorative storage boxes

Storage boxes can be incredibly versatile tools – not only can they help you organise and put aside all your knick-knacks, (think Marie Kondo-ing your living space) they can also spice your interior environment up a bit! No doubt that the minimalist aspiration has not gone away – which is where storage boxes come into interior design.

While storage boxes seem at first glance like utilitarian tools, if they are designed effectively, they can also be a way of showcasing a bit more personality than a simple clear glass jar. Right now, we are seeing a comeback of artisans, craft makers and designers looking to create them. Some boxes are not only colourful but they may also be elegantly finished with a glossy lacquer. Unlike their more simple counterparts, these storage boxes are not made to be hidden away – but instead showcased and highlighted on your dressing table.

Curvaceous Cabinetry

We are also seeing a comeback of people looking to use more storage. Again, with the minimalistic theme – tidying up and organising your life and home has never looked so good! Similar to the decorative storage boxes, these artisan cabinets are more evidence that we are still looking for calm in our lives – and one way most people do so is by putting everything away to create an uncluttered space.

Of course, just because you are putting all your things inside cabinets does not mean the cabinet has to be plain or dull. On the contrary, these cabinets are generally fitted with curves, as the organic shapes make them a lot more inviting. The cabinets can also be paired with customisable design aesthetics – such as opulent rose metal details – in addition to finishes, in order for you to create a truly one-of-a-kind art piece. Personalised in this manner, these cabinets can truly help to give your home a level of sophistication, especially when you have guests over to entertain.

Gold-edge ceramics

Regarding pottery, it seems like designers and artisans, while keeping to their minimalist palette, are now warming up by giving their works a hint of the Midas touch. So, now you will start to see most ceramics being fitted with gold edges. In fact, it’s just the right amount of bling – too much and the ceramic would look too gaudy. After all, the subtleness of the gold details makes it stand out all the more.

According to Hélène Pinaud of Heju Studio, “Minimalist living is not only about having a clean home, it is also about celebrating nature and authenticity. So, we are not afraid to incorporate artisanal, vintage and homemade objects and furniture but always in a quiet, neutral palette.” This explains the subtle touch to enhance certain features in the ceramics, but not enough to create any visual noise.  

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