Things to consider before buying a sofa

Things to consider before buying a sofa

Buying a sofa is one of the most important furnishing decisions and investments you can make when it comes to furnishing your home. After all, so much of your home life will centre around this sofa. Whether you are recharging after a long day of work, relaxing on the weekends, watching TV, entertaining friends or family, or just plain taking a nap, you can be sure you will wind up using your sofa. So, it makes sense that you need to take the time to invest in one that is going to last for a long time.

As such, we’ve listed a few top designer tips on what you should think about before picking the perfect sofa for your home. Make sure to read below to learn more about this topic!

Consider your lifestyle

Before you dive right into the different types of sofas you can buy, you need to take a moment to consider the type of lifestyle you have and what kind of sofa fits your needs. What are you going to require from a sofa in a day-to-day life? For instance, if you have a big family, then a sectional sofa might be the best choice for you. If you have pets or kids, then it may be a good idea to opt for a stain-resistance performance fabric sofa. On the other hand, if relaxation and comfort are at the forefront of your mind, then you may consider looking at sofas that can recline. So, consider all these factors before committing to making a purchase.  

Determine where your sofa will face

Another factor you may need to think about is how you plan to orient your sofa in a particular space. Are you placing your sofa against the wall or will it be placed in the centre of a room where its back will be exposed? If you are looking at a sectional sofa, then where do you want to corner pieces to be? Knowing these details, and how your sofa will fit in a particular area will help you to get rid of any other options that do not fit your space requirements.

Measure and measure

When it comes to deciding what furniture to buy, you can never measure too many times! After all, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Unsurprisingly, a lot of errors can be made in the measuring part of the process, so you need to know exactly how large or small of a sofa your home can accommodate. This will include its length, width, and height. It is also important that you take measurements of your doorways and hallways. This is because even if the sofa fits perfectly in your living room, it may not fit through your front door or any tiny hallways! So how will people deliver it? Therefore, always keep this element in mind when you are making your purchase.

Be selective of the fabric and leather type

Another thing most people may not think about is choosing the right kind of upholstery fabric or leather type for your sofa. Again, as we have previously mentioned, if you have small children or any pets, then you should think about picking a performance fabric selection. You should also do thorough research o the quality of the upholstery fabric or leather type of any sofa you are thinking about purchasing. This can include cleaning codes or upkeep recommendations. After all, you will be using this sofa for a long time, so you need to know how to maintain and clean it!

Choose a style that fits your home

Of course, another thing you may want to keep in mind is if the existing furniture is already in your living space. For example, if all your furniture pieces, such as chairs, consoles and tables all have more of a traditional flair to them, you should probably stick to buying a traditional-style sofa instead of a more contemporary one. This is to ensure that nothing sticks out like a sore thumb. Similarly, if the interior design of your home is more modern and minimalistic, then you may want to buy a modern sofa to complement this design. That being said, it is still possible to mix and match items if you truly wish to do so. Interior designs on the whole tend to be pretty flexible, so long as the end result creates something that is appealing and cohesive to you.

Test before you buy

When it comes to any big purchase, you should definitely try before you buy. The average sofa has a seat depth of around 60cm, which gives you plenty of room to move if you have long legs. It also allows you to tuck them under if you are shorter. That being said, seat depths do vary, so you should try out different styles to make sure you have the proper back support. Again, there is technically no right or wrong answer for this – so long as the sofa suits you and your needs.

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